7️⃣Email Verification

You can use email verification to have new users verified using their email addresses. Upon entering their email address, AuthGG will send them a verification code to their email.

Server admins can limit which domains email addresses are accepted for verification on the server, giving them additional control over this process. For example, you can only verify users who use @gmail.com email addresses.

The command to set this up is /setup email-verification

As you type in that command, as usual you would have to choose a verification channel, log channel, your verified role, a title for your embed message, etc.

Whitelist domains

To whitelist a domain name or remove a domain from whitelist, you can type the command /config email-verification

Email tokens

Each server receives 50 email tokens by default each month. When a user tries to verify on your server, email tokens are used to send emails. It costs one email token for a successful email verification.

Export email list

As a server admin, you can export a list of email addresses that were verified on your server. You can export a list by using the command /config email-verification and clicking the 'Export email list' button.

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