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The captcha verification method is one of the most popular verification systems among our users. So let's take a look at how it's set up.

The command to use to set up the captcha verification is /setup-captcha, and as we type it, we must fill in some information.

  1. verification-channel

    • This is the channel where the verification system should be posted to

  2. verified-role

    • Select the verified role here

  3. embed-title

    • Here you can set the title of the verification embed

  4. embed-description

    • Set the description of the verification embed

  5. log-channel

    • Select a channel where logs related verification should be posted to

  6. kick-or-ban

    • Users who repeatedly fail the verification can either be kicked out or banned. Or you could just disable this feature

  7. embed-footer

    • Set the footer text of the verification embed

  8. failed-attempts

    • You can specify here how many times a user can fail the verification before being kicked or banned if the above-mentioned kick-or-ban feature is enabled

  9. verified-role-2

    • If you have a second verified role, you can assign it here

  10. verified-role-3

    • If you have a third verified role, you can assign it here

  11. unverified-role

    • If you have an unverified role, you can assign it here, and it will be removed from the user after successful verification

  12. embed-thumbnail

    • You can upload an image to use as the thumbnail of the verification embed

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